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Weld County/Greeley is filled with a richness of cultural diversity.  People of varying backgrounds raise their families here and call this community their home.  Latinos now comprise up to 40% of the Greeley/Weld County population, and deserve to have cultural representatives in authorative roles. Our focus is on ensuring balanced participation of leadership for all traditions, customs, and lifestyles. 

Latino Coalition of Weld County is committed to ensuring cross-cultural inclusion. Diversity needs to be embraced and integrated in all civic activity.  We dedicate our efforts to make certain that people of all backgrounds, including the growing local Latino community, are given equal opportunity to participate in the direction of local laws and governmental issues.  We  advocate for equity in personal rights and will work to ensure that opportunities are available for all.

LCWC Board of Directors
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     Stacy Suniga
Deb Suniga
Public Relations
 Michael Whitcomb
Cheryl Aragon
Gabe Martinez
Yara Zokai 
Tawnya Bowie 
Outreach/Advisory Committee

We believe all of our diverse members can embrace who they are, can define their futures,  can lead their communities,
 and can change the world.

Our Objective

  The LCWC Advisory Committee are community neighbors and representatives, who are integral to the mission of the Latino Coalition of Weld County.  They give voice to our community, and valuable guidance to help LCWC accomplish goals.

LCWC is committed to ensuring that all cultures, including the large local Latino community, are given equal consideration in local laws, governmental issues, and community develpment.  We also work to acheive a proportionate balance of diverse representation in local government, which includes County and City Official positions and participation in Board/ Commission roles whose purpose is to develop our municipalities.

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     Juanita Rocha


Yoenny Gonzalez

Our Mission

Meet Our Advisory Committee

 Honorable Polly Baca

Patricia Lucero Duran

Pres Montoya


Our Vision

Our goal is to create a society of absolute equity and opportunity for all.  A place where diversity is  celebrated and inclusion is nurtured throughout the community. We seek to inspire a municipal leadership that includes members of diverse cultural backgrounds and to encourage a local government that will bring unique understanding to the needs of all people, in all neighborhoods.

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